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What You Should Know

For our 2-day program (Tues/Wed), most parents volunteer for at least one half-day, leaving the other day and a half as a drop-off. This allows our program to function more smoothly, and also gives parents more of an opportunity to see and be a part of what goes on. We really value the partnership between families and the program!

We have fantastic main mentors for each class, so parent volunteers will not be required to plan our main projects. Instead, they usually serve as an extra set of hands and adult presence in classrooms, or run small sections like book clubs, workshops, or writing time. All volunteers and mentors must have a current background check and appropriate clearances. 

For the 2024-2025 school year, Bramblewood Learning Community will have the following tuition structure:

General Tuition (parent volunteers for half-day): $2000/year

Parent volunteers 1 full day: $1600/year

Parent does not volunteer (fully drop-off program): $2800/year

There is a sibling discount of 20% for the second child, and 30% for the third child. Please see the program director about four or more children. 

Volunteer & Tuition Details: Class Policies
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