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Today at Bramblewood we focused on Spain in the Middle Ages, we learned about Spanish Explorers from the point of view a boy in the Taino tribe. We discussed what it must have felt like. The kids looked through books about Spain and played a game that kids in Spain play with bottle caps. They broke into 2 groups and made decisions about what their tracks would look like, as they voted to change the rules to make the game more fun for them to play. They did a great job making decisions as a group. We went for a nature walk to find signs of spring. They built an impromptu shelter. We made Valentines cards and pictures for a nursing home.

Then level 2 and 3 broke off and reviewed what we did last week and briefly continued the discussion on naming parts of our island. Then we talked about how we could get water to our shelter, they sketched water systems while we read the next chapter in Swiss Family Robinson.

They then had to make a water slide to get water from their barrel to sink, lots of trial and error and even had to switch up the teams. They shared ideas on what was working and what wasn’t. We will discuss more next week on how it went. Another day flew by!!

level 2: Class Benefits
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