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Accomplish Your Goals

Level 4 started the day talking about the Ukraine conflict. They researched the history of the conflict and discussed how many of the key players are motivated right now. We will continue to talk about Ukraine briefly for the next couple of weeks.

A and D gave a fantastic lesson on medieval African kingdoms and Mansa Musa, including a great PowerPoint and fun new game! Then they worked on their sculpture molds - today Miss Rachel had them put silicone over the clay forms they made last time.

Students went outside to check on their nature study spots. They had questions about how to know when a tree will fall down, so we followed that trail to learn about emerald ash borer beetles and how they destroy trees.

After lunch we shared the idea of “me goals” vs “world goals” - that more satisfaction and drive can come from changing our dreams from something just about us, to something that serves a greater good or people we love. They brainstormed ways to shift their own dreams to be more outward-facing.

Today in preparation for our cell model project, the kids shared the comic drawings they made for the cell parts they researched and then we learned about mitosis, making clay models of the process while watching a video about it.

Next: BRAINSTORMING! They came up with some fantastic ideas for their cell model project that they are making for a Philadelphia middle school classroom! Pinball machines, a city or house analogy, pop-up book, solar system-type model - so many awesome ideas!

During independent project time most of the kids worked on their portfolios. We’ll have a portfolio check-in next week, so as part of their homework they should be working on those!

We also had an optional book club check-in about Jane Eyre and also to plan a Thursday zoom call to discuss plans for running a day camp this summer

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