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(Recap to parents from May 10, 2021)

We started our morning combined with level 2 and an invitation to stations including origami, creating costumes for the play, and finishing touches for the treehouse prototype.

Current Events - T informed us about France's most recent presidential election and explained the history of NATO.

We spent the rest of the morning finishing up costumes, line and acting prompts, and mapping out an outdoor stage for the play. After lunch, we did a dress rehearsal.

The afternoon was spent with level 2. They were busy finalizing the treehouse model and presentation board. We had a lot of projects and broke into several teams of 2-3 people. Some groups did not like their assignment and had to wrestle through the process of working diligently even if it was not their first choice. Emotions were high, but after talking through it and asking for help from classmates, every job was accomplished. I'm so proud of them!

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