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Today we read the book Hawk of the Castle and learned about medieval falconry, we made catapults and tested them out, explored the woods on a nature hike and found animal tracks and scat (very exciting!), icy puddles, lichen and moss.

After lunch and recess and plenty of outdoor fun in the morning, we came in for papier-mâché sculpting class with Miss Rachel, then headed up to our classroom for student-led play which turned into the entire room becoming a hibernation station fort for the class who were pretending to be various hibernating animals, insects, and spiders, out of scarves, blankets, furniture and blocks.

While hibernating they listened to Miss Rachel read Jan Brett’s The Snowy Nap and the Three Snow Bears. We ended the day outside taking care of the chickens and goats and some more winter fun on the farm.

Thank you so much for sending in winter gear, we truly enjoy getting outside as much as we can and it’s so helpful to be warm and comfortable despite the winter weather!

A day in Curiosity Crew
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